Nichole & Tim’s Wedding

Ear­lier this month, GALA Mag­a­zine released it’s annual issue and our 2010 wed­ding was one of three that were fea­tured. I gotta say I was pleased as punch to see our wed­ding in print!

In two pre­vi­ous posts I wrote about the area where we were mar­ried and then about some of the projects we took on in plan­ning process. Today I share with you the main event! This post is a long one and I hope you’ll stay with me ’till the end. All of these pic­tures are near and dear to my heart and I am incred­i­bly grate­ful to have had Carla Ten Eyck cap­ture them. Seri­ously, her work is unpar­al­leled. Tal­ent and kind­ness and humor to the nth degree all wrapped up in one pretty pack­age. It’s her fault this post is so long!

We were mar­ried in the charm­ing neigh­bor­hood of Old But­ton­woods in War­wick, Rhode Island and all of our events took place within walk­ing dis­tance of each other. Below are images of us prep­ping for the day ahead. Tim’s Dad belly-laughing and my cute nugget of a niece are two of my faves. Shout out to my col­lege roomie, Melissa, for cre­at­ing the car­toon draw­ing of me and Tim – a gift I gave him that morn­ing. It fea­tures the two of us sur­rounded by things that have mean­ing to us: per­sim­mons, wine, cheese, antlers, meat sweats (!)

We popped over the the Casino (yup, we walked there!) and had our first look on the bowl­ing lanes. Tim was wear­ing his heart on his sleeve that day and his tears made my heart melt. In remem­brance of my mother, I tied a locket and her gold wed­ding band to my bou­quet. I had worn her ring every day for the past six years only tak­ing it off on this day when I would later receive my wed­ding ring from Tim.

Tony from Datura: a mod­ern gar­den was the flower and foliage extra­or­di­naire on hand that day. The only direc­tion we gave him was to cre­ate a wood­land vibe that included suc­cu­lents ( I ADORE suc­cu­lents!), inter­est­ing foliage, ferns, branches and orchids. And Queen Anne’s Lace. My mother loved Queen Anne’s Lace. She would tell me that while most peo­ple con­sid­ered it a weed, she chose to see it as a flower grow­ing in the wrong place. My bou­quet included a patch of Queen Anne’s lace, placed at the top where I could see it.

After our first look, we hopped on a golf cart – the pre­ferred mode of trans­porta­tion for peeps who live in the neigh­bor­hood! – and took pho­tos on tan­dem swings. The swings hang from the old­est But­ton­wood tree on the peninsula.

Side­bar story #1: In July of 2009 Tim and I headed to upstate New York to cel­e­brate my grandparent’s 60th wed­ding anniver­sary (that’s a long time!). Unbe­knownst to me, Tim had decided that this would be a good oppor­tu­nity to ask my Dad for his bless­ing to pro­pose. Durn­ing the anniver­sary party, the two of them stepped out­side and Tim was about to ask my Dad when he glanced down at my father’s shoes and was instantly dis­tracted. “Dave”, he asked, “are you wear­ing two dif­fer­ent shoes?”

Um, yeah. I guess I am. I grabbed two black shoes out of the closet and put them on. Good thing I got a left and a right! Don’t tell Nic­hole.” It was too good a story not to share so of course I was let in on the mis­take. Dad was none too pleased when I snapped that pic­ture on the above left!

Side­bar story #2:  Tim and I were with team Ten Eyck tak­ing pic­tures on our wed­ding day and my father held my bou­quet while we posed at the swings. When I went to retrieve my bou­quet I noticed my Dad was wear­ing two watches! Appar­ently, while get­ting dressed for the wed­ding he put on his dress watch and for­got to take the other one off. Ha! This time, the pro­fes­sion­als were on hand and they took the photo above right. Should I be scared that he’ll fol­low in the steps of my Gramps and use rub­ber bands to keep his socks up? They say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. Only time will tell!

The wed­ding dress chan­de­lier we cre­ated was major eye candy at our recep­tion. My father rewired an aban­doned brass chan­de­lier and hung it from an over­head beam. That week while scour­ing thrift stores for fin­ish­ing touches, we found a vin­tage white tulle wed­ding gown that made for a per­fect “lamp shade”. With some wire, safety pins and more tulle (yes, even more tulle!) a beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress light instal­la­tion was cre­ated. It was stun­ning against the wooden beams and a real show-stopper!

Tag sale elk antlers in all their glory! How sweet is the vin­tage Louie lug­gage with our Snug-as-a-Bug blan­kets? Can­dice of Jubilee Events scored that beaut on a trip to the Brim­field Flea.

Our dessert table was a hodge-podge of baked good­ness that we adore – minia­ture bananas fos­ter, straw­berry short­cakes and choco­late brownie sun­daes served in shot glasses – as well as home­made treats. My grand­mother is a fab­u­lous baker. Her two sig­na­ture recipes are choco­late and cream cheese cup­cakes with choco­late chips and apple pie. She offered to bake these deli­cious desserts for our wed­ding and I loved shar­ing her treats with all of our guests. We chose to have her apple pie as our “wed­ding cake”. The pie plate itself belonged my great grand­mother and the milk glass pedestal belonged to Tim’s grand­mother. The sign on top of the domed cheese plate reads:  “A pie with­out cheese is like a hug with­out a squeeze.”  – my family’s mantra when it comes to eat­ing apple pie!

We dined, drank, danced, bowled and cel­e­brated until our bel­lies and hearts were full. Sadly, all things must come to an end. We are for­ever thank­ful that we have amaz­ing pic­tures (thus the crazy length of this post) and a stun­ning video that we never tire of filmed by a mas­ter of the craft, Jim of Vin­tage Cin­ema.

A shout out to all of the ven­dors (who I am lucky to now call my friends) who helped make our day the best eva:

Pho­tog­ra­phy: Carla Ten Eyck // Flo­ral Design: Datura, a mod­ern gar­den // Video: Vin­tage Cin­ema // Coor­di­na­tion: Jubilee Events // Cus­tom Veil: The White Dress by the shore // Invi­ta­tions: Coral Pheas­ant Sta­tionery //  Cater­ing: Rus­sel Morin // Hair and Makeup: 2 Kiss and Makeup // Offi­ciant: Vic­to­ria Burdick

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